The search for the perfect eyebrow


Eyebrows are big business. Long gone are the days of over plucking and home tweezing (or worse penciling on the eyebrow). Now its all about big, angled brows that shape the face.

I have been in search of the perfect eyebrow for a good couple of years now, so I thought I would share a few tips and tricks for those of you on the same journey. If any of you lovely people have recommendations or suggestions of your own then please let me know, I would love to hear them! Keep reading below…..

Getting the shape right

Finding a good beautician or eyebrow technician is the absolute key to getting the perfect brow shape. Of course there are thousands of beauticians out there, so, how do you know who will make you more Cara Delevingne less Jodie Marsh….??

(1) Get a recommendation

First and foremost my advice would be look around, do any of your friends have enviable eyebrows? Look for lovely real life brows coupled with personal recommendations (with this combination you’ll more than likely be on to a winner).

(2) Brow Bars

Can’t find any great recommendations? Then my advice would be to go to someone who does eyebrows (and nothing else) day in day out. I guarantee they will be better than the majority of the ‘jack of all trade’ beauticians. I love the Benefit Brow Bars, the girls there spend their days just doing eyebrows and in my experience…..boy are they good!

If you are heading to a brow bar then my advice would be (unless you already have naturally dark eyebrows) to get your brows tinted a few shades darker, this helps to lift the brows and make your new shape really pop out.

(3) HD Brows

I’m also I big fan of HD Brows, but, a word of warning many beauticians are just using the HD name as a branding ploy. Many times I have found  in salons that you don’t get the true HD experience.  HD Brows should use 7 steps:

  1. Assessing your face shape (in order to get the perfect brow shape for your face)
  2. Tinting of all brow hairs,
  3. Waxing both above and below
  4. Threading
  5. Tweezing
  6. Trimming
  7. Aftercare  (usually a small amount of eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in any gaps whilst regrowth is encouraged of any previously over plucked areas).

You may have seen the photographs in the press recently of Amanda Holden, she is an HD Brow fan and as you can see she has certainly benefitted from this revolutionary technique.


Once you have had your eyebrows done, they will be perfection for the first couple of days, then you’ll need the help of some beauty products to keep them looking great until your next appointment.

(1) Encouraging brow growth

The key to your brow technician getting a great brow shape is to have the eyebrow hair to work with in the first place. If your brows are in need of a growth boost then the product would recommend is ‘Billion Dollar Brow Boost’.


(2) Day to day products

  • I love using the Benefit brow kit – ‘Browzings‘. The kit contains all you need – a wax to set the brows, a powder, tweezers and brushes. Click on the link for more information on this product.


  • Laura Mercier have some fantastic brow powders. Brow powders are perfect for those who just want to add a bit of subtle plushness to their brows and don’t suffer from major brow issues.
  • If you want to use products already in your make up bag (and would rather not go out and buy new products) then try using a dark brown eyeshadow and apply with an angled brush to help define your brow shape.
  • For a simple eyebrow groom (rather than recreating a defined shape every day) then I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Fix.
  • If you want to set the brows (for a day long look) then try a brow gel – at the moment I am using the MAC brow set.

All in all I tend to play around with products and suggestions, I don’t think there is a same right method for everyone.

I hope you have found this post interesting…. I am still trying to get that perfect brow, so if you have any tips or great product recommendations then l would love to hear from you!

Hollie x

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