Resist the sofa…..the resistance band workout


We all have days and weeks when exercising can at best be a luxury we don’t have time for, or at worst, an out-and-out chore. Whether you have the pressure of running a busy household, managing a hectic work schedule, or simply don’t fancy the gym, a resistance band workout is a fun, efficient and manageable way to fit in exercise when you might not otherwise be able to or want to.

Resistance bands are great in that they are inexpensive, small, lightweight and portable pieces of exercise equipment that can also be easily stored (not like the those exercise balls!). They are perfect for use at home, hotel workouts, or if you are tight on space at the gym.

Don’t think that you need a weights routine at the gym to build strength, resistance bands are excellent for whole body workouts, plus, they can also help build stamina and increase your range of motion. You can personalise your routine to target your troublesome areas as well as increasing the resistance as you progress in strengthening your muscles.

At the moment I am using the ‘Manuka‘ resistance band. This is a fantastic exercise band for beginners as the band has a variety of exercises drawn on to it which you can try out. When you become more advanced, have a look at this post from Greatist which provides a wider range of exercises that can be tried.

Happy streeeeetching!

Hollie x

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