Week 18


I’m now 18 weeks pregnant and the above quote couldn’t more accurately reflect the emotional roller-coaster my hormones are currently taking me on. Anything can set me off at the moment, an advert on TV, a message from a friend, packing up my belongings to move or even the loss of the remote.

Most of the time I know I am being irrational or overreacting, but, like a reflex action and without a second thought I can find myself uncontrollably going from a lovely mood to a foul one! Eating well and exercising are on my to do list at the moment (as I write this I’ve already eaten a packet of Maltesers, of which I promised myself I would just have two or three). I am walking for a minimum of half an hour a day and occasionally fit in a Pilates class or two. My diet is mostly good and I have been making a conscious effort to get my 5 a day, although, I’m not sure pineapple upside-down cake and chocolate raisins are additions that I can count!

Any healthy pregnancy tips and tricks would be welcomed!

Hollie x

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