10 days away from giving birth…..has Sarah Stage taken it a stage too far?


We all know that eating well during pregnancy and exercising are musts, not only for a healthy mum, but, for a healthy baby too…..however….after seeing these photos of Sarah Stone 10 DAYS BEFORE HER DUE DATE (!) on Instagram I can’t help but wonder if some people take a healthy lifestyle too far during pregnancy? Many have questioned whether her somewhat extreme nine month pregnancy figure is causing harm to the baby? Click here to read the full news article that featured in the paper today.

Sarah Stage is a fitness enthusiast as can be seen from her Instagram account. I am a huge advocate for exercising during pregnancy and it is important for women to understand that it’s safe to do most forms of exercise in pregnancy, and exercising is far better for you and your baby than not doing any exercise at all………,but, seriously where the hell is that baby?! What are your thoughts?

Hollie xx

Pregnancy Fashion – My 3 warbrobe must have items


I think quite often when ladies fall pregnant they feel the need to spend the next nine months covering up and essentially hiding the beautiful little being that is growing inside of them. I know from experience that you can go from feeling bloated on a good day to a huge waddling whale on a bad day (and I’m only five and a half months pregnant…..god only knows what I will feel like when I get to nine months!)

However, the age old saying that if you look good, you feel good has never been more true as when you are pregnant. I truly believe it is all about embracing the bump and dressing it so you look and feel good. Below are my top 3 must have pregnancy wardrobe items…….

1. Embrace your inner Zebra

Horizontal stripes are seriously flattering once your bump has ‘popped’…..this can typically be anywhere from  10 -16 weeks depending upon whether or not it is your first pregnancy (second timers tend to ‘pop’ earlier). Go for a dress or a top that is figure hugging, otherwise (and particularly after about 20 weeks) people may not know whether you have eaten too many pies or are indeed pregnant.

My dress in the photo above is from New Look. It is not specifically a maternity dress but I am still just about managing to squeeze into it!

2. Denim and white

I’m a huge fan of a denim shirt with a white figure hugging top underneath. This worn with a basic pair of leggings, is a perfect everyday comfortable, yet, fashionable look.

3. LBD

The Little Black Dress is the staple of every woman’s wardrobe and in my opinion the same is true through out pregnancy. For those evenings when you are feeling a little larger than normal popping on your LBD can make you feel both smaller and as a result sexier! Also, when you are pregnant you don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity wear for evening events, so I say invest in one great maternity LBD to see you through your pregnancy.

Hollie xx