BEST Pasta Recipe (especially if you’re pregnant!)


Today I was craving some comfort food and suddenly remembered this gorgeous Jamie Oliver recipe that my old roommate use to cook for me. It is aptly named ‘Pregnant Jool’s Pasta’ as this was Jamie Oliver’s wife’s favourite dish when she was pregnant with their children. The beauty of the recipe lies in the simplicity and fresh quality produce. It is super easy to make and the perfect comforting winter warmer.

The recipe below serves 6, however, I tend to double up on the ingredients and freeze half to save time at a later date. If your budget allows would recommend investing in a good quality balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese (which you can later use in other meals) – for me these really make a difference to the final taste of the dish.

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Date with a cake


I’ve always been fond of a piece of cake or three. Usually I have the willpower to restrict my indulgences to once (or if there is a special occasion…..where it’d be rude not to…..then twice) a week. However, since falling pregnant I have had the irresistible urge for cake….chocolate….biscuits….in fact anything sweet! Top of my hit list at the moment is Marks and Spencer’s Chocolate Fudge Cake. However, as I enter my second trimester I am trying to make more of a conscious effort to avoid the cake and substitute this for healthier alternatives, but, what can I say, sometimes you’ve just got to have your cake and eat it!

What have been your biggest cravings?

Hollie x


About me


One thing I love about other people’s blogs is finding out a little more about the person behind the blog, so I thought I would answer a few questions (some of which I have been asked about on my Instagram/ Twitter pages, the rest are just for interest!)

1. Tell us a little about yourself

I grew up on a small Island in the British Isles with my Mum, Dad, younger brother and a spring a spaniel or two. I lived at home until I was 18 years old and then ventured off to the ‘mainland’ to study an undergrad degree and masters in Marketing.

2. What did you do next?

After I finishing my Marketing masters I literally had no idea what I wanted to do. The logical move would have been to move into a career in marketing or advertising, however, I had this niggling feeling that I wanted to try to push myself a bit more to really see what I was capable of achieving. So I went to law school….

3. Law School?

Yes, and let me start by saying that legally blonde gave me unrealistic expectations of law school! It was hard work and particularly challenging for me not being a straight ‘A’ student. However, hard work and perseverance paid off and 2 years later I graduated with a law degree and secured a training contract at a top offshore law firm. Continue reading

A little announcement



I can hardly believe its been over 3 months since I last posted. October went by in a flash with Birthdays, Weddings and a trip to South Africa; and since November well I have been a little preoccupied…… you may have guessed from the photograph (#napping for two), I am pregnant! Currently I am 14 weeks, so still a long way to go, but, very exciting all the same.

How did you tell your friends and family about your news? Take a look at this website for some creative ways people have decided to announce their pregnancies.

Over the next few months there will be some huge changes for me – leaving my job, moving country and not least having a baby! So I am going to take this opportunity to keep you all updated on my journey while I have a little more me time.

Happy Tuesday  lovely people x

Berry Breakfast

One Minute Breakfast: Berry Blast

6.50am alarm goes off……snooze…. 7.00am…..snooze….7.10am…..snooze….7.20am…..PANIC…. time to get you get your ****  into gear or else you are going to be late for work, no time for breakfast! Sound familiar? You are not alone. A recent study revealed that 32% of adults don’t eat breakfast simply because they say that they lack time. But I want to help stop this and bring back breakfast! I am going to be posting a series of 1 minute healthy breakfast ideas. All tired all tested by me and all within the one minute guarantee! This week I am posting my recipe for a Berry Smoothie that I regularly make using my Breville Blend-Active.

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Too busy to meditate? Read this…..


“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour” Old Zen saying

Think meditation is just for spiritual people and celebrities who have too much time on their hands? Think again. Mediation is an untapped wellness resource that can afford us with an array of mind, body and health benefits. Those who lead particularly stressful and busy lifestyles can benefit enormously from meditation. Just 5 to 10 minutes a few times a week can make all the difference in achieving a more peaceful and content existence. Admittedly I don’t meditate as often as I perhaps should, however, it is something I am going to try and make more of a conscious effort to do!

But, I hear you, how can you justify yet another activity to cram in to your already hectic schedule? Well let me point out just a small handful of the proven benefits of meditation:

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5 ways to BOOST your energy at work



The pressures of modern living can leave us feeling deprived of energy. Often we combat fatigue in all the wrong ways, looking for a quick fixes in caffeine or chocolate. But you can fight back! Here are 5 simple ways to keep your engines fired throughout the day at work:

Drink water: It can be difficult to remember to drink enough when you are working out at the gym or rushed off your feet at the office, but, sipping water throughout the day will help combat the fatigue brought on by dehydration. Why not leave a water bottle on your desk at work and refill every morning before you start your day and every afternoon after lunch? This is a great way of keeping track of how much you are drinking and it will be a sure-fire way to keep you hydrated. If normal water doesn’t float your boat, or if you are an avid exerciser, then give coconut water a bash. Coconut water is more effective at hydrating the body than sports or energy drinks and it aids the replacement of minerals lost after extended periods of physical exercise.

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